Promoting Breastfeeding and Interaction of Pediatric Associations With Providers of Nutritional Products

Physical Activity in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity: The Position of the European Childhood Obesity Group and the European Academy of Pediatrics

Off-label use of medicines in neonates, infants, children, and adolescents: a joint policy statement by the European Academy of Paediatrics and the European society for Developmental Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology

Mandatory vaccination: a joint statement of the Ethics and Vaccination working groups of the European Academy of Paediatrics

Basic training requirements for health care professionals who care

EAP Statement on Migrant Children Medical Care

Vitamin D EAP statement

Adolescence EJP 2018

EAP Response to the Antibiotics Awareness Day Stakeholder Consultation

EAP Contribution to WHO Nurturing Care Framework

EAP “warmly welcomes” inclusion of training for health professionals in EC vaccination proposal

European Academy of Paedatrics welcomes upcoming EC proposal on tuberculosis

European Academy of Paediatrics calls for complete cease-fire in Syria for humanitarian aid

Support Letter: The EAP supports freedom of speech

Migrant children’s health problems, care needs and inequalities: European primary care paediatricians’ perspectives

EAP Paper on “Training the next generation of health care professionals in antimicrobial stewardship”

EAP Statement on “Training the next generation of health care professionals in antimicrobial stewardship”

EAP endorses important Budapest Declaration on health and well-being of children on the move

Childhood obesity – A public health crisis across the European Union

EAP Statement on Unpublished Clinical Trial Data 2017

EAP Statement on Vaccinations 2017

The European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) and the Rights of the Child

EAP ECPCP EPA Consensus Document 2016

Improving Paediatric Care in the Community – Dissemination of “The Lancet” 2015

Joint Statement on Paediatric Primary Care in Europe EPA, EAP, ECPCP 2014

EAP Advocates for Medical Care Without Barriers 2015

Rights of Children, EAP on the Lancet

“The Lancet” -Adapting to migration as a planetary force

Association of the Hungarian Primary Paediatricians- situation of refugees in Hungary

FIMP Appeal for the right to life for refugee children running away from war, disasters, famine

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