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The individual members of a national paediatric organisation which is a full member of EAP, are by default, without any subscription fee, non-voting individual members of EAP and they can participate in the activities of the Permanent councils and strategic advisory groups.

Affiliated Individual Membership is open to citizens of all countries. 

These members shall have a university degree; they may be board-certified paediatricians/specialists in paediatrics (or equivalent) or any other physician or scientist with a special interest in paediatrics. Active affiliated individual members may assign themselves to one of the Permanent Councils but they do not have any voting rights in the General Assembly. They can participate in the strategic advisory groups of EAP.

Membership benefits

As A Member You Will Enjoy The Following Benefits:

  • Reduced Registration Fees to EAP, EAPS congresses and EAP Educational Meetings
  • Opportunity to be Awarded a Grant of EAP Membership & Registration
    for the Next EAP Educational Congress
  • Accreditation Courses on Various Topics
  • EAP Newsletter, Periodic Updates
  • Congress Session Webcasts, e –Posters
  • Take part in the different working groups
  • An Opportunity to Make a Difference!

Your Membership Is Essential to Develop New Initiatives and to Accomplish EAP Aims!

If you want to become an affiliated member of EAP please click here to apply. 

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