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Join the EAP for the second edition of Core Knowledge in Paediatrics:  a  2-day, online course on Friday 21 & Saturday 22 October covering core knowledge in paediatrics in line with the European Paediatric Training curriculum.

The course is particularly suited for paediatric trainees planning to undertake an assessment.  The course was created with the the upcoming European Board of Paediatrics exam (November 2022) in mind, but it is a perfect distance-learning course for any paediatrician  interested in refreshing their knowledge.

There are limited seats available for this course, so book yours now! Be a part of this novel and interactive way to harmonise training across Europe and beyond.

For group registrations (20 participants and above), please contact the event secretariat.


About the Course

Test your knowledge in paediatrics and practice and learn from world-class leaders.

21 & 22 October 2022

A 2-day online course on Friday 21 & Saturday 22 October covering core knowledge in paediatrics in line with the European Paediatric Training curriculum.

Web-based Sessions

Sessions of either 45 or 90 minutes will be chaired by senior clinicians from Europe and Paediatric European societies with expertise in the field.

Practice Papers

Guidelines or practice papers will be presented in the clinical cases discussions. Sessions will be interactive with quiz, polls and space for Q&As.

Clinical Case Submissions

Participants are invited to submit a teaching clinical case with a poster, the best 2 cases will be selected for presentation in the programme. Keep an eye on the site for the submission opening date!

Live Q&A with Experts

The course will include sessions with Exam Chairs (Rob Ross Russell and Peter Hoyer), exam question writers, and previous successful exam candidates and there will be opportunities to ask questions live.

Crucial, Core Training

Benefit from crucial core training skills for exam candidates and paediatric trainees and be a part of the movement of paediatricians who promote high standard of training across Europe and the world.

Online Networking

Network with attendees before, during and after the event . Search attendees by name, interest or use the event app’s built in recommendations to find like-minded people. Open a discussion or set up a video meeting on a special topic.

Access to Recordings

You will be able to watch lecture recordings,  access questions and answers and continue interacting with the speakers and attendees for up to 3-monhts post-event. 

Interactive Poster Sessions

Clinical Cases will be accessible throughout the event in a dedicated area where you can read the case, interact with the presenter and enjoy the content at any time that suits you between lectures.

Registration is Open!

Keep an eye on this page for more information. The programme is subject to change.

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Now Accepting Case Submissions

Thank you for your interest in presenting. The contribution of presenters is critical and we value your input greatly. Please sign into the Case Report Portal with your account email address and password. If you have not yet submitted a Case Report, please create a new account. If you have any questions regarding your submission, please refer to our website FAQ and contact information.

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