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Given that different countries use different units of measurement, will I have to know them all?

We will include a range of normal unit values for any blood results used in the examination questions.

How long will the exam last?

The exam will last for 2 hours.

How many questions will there be in the exam?

There will be in the region of 120 questions.

What is the pass mark for the exam?

The pass mark is determined by the difficulty of the questions and varies slightly each time, but will be around 60-70%.

How many times can I take the exam, if I fail?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can take the exam.

Are there some practice questions? Is there a bank of sample questions?

At present we do not have a bank of sample questions that can be used by trainees preparing for the exam, but plan to make this available in due course. Many books of paediatric MCQs are available and some sample exams can also be accessed online, such as the ‘Advanced Knowledge in Practice’ sample exams on the RCPCH website.

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