Refugees and Migrants in Europe - Adolescent and Child Health Strategic Advisory Group

About the REACH Strategic Advisory Group

The Refugees and Migrants in Europe – Adolescent and Child Health (REACH) group is an official Strategic Advisory Group of the EAP (European Academy of Paediatrics, Paediatric section of UEMS) which has been established in 2023 to promote health equity for pediatric migrants in Europe.

The group’s vision is that across Europe, migrants and refugees receive equitable quality of health care compared to their local peers, both in terms of access to and continuity of care. Further, paediatric migrant and refugee patients and their caregivers have equitable opportunities to communicate and build trusted relationships with health care professionals and collaborating disciplines.

To reach this vision, the group aims to assess, monitor and improve the health of paediatric migrants/refugees across Europe through interdisciplinary collaboration in the areas of education, research, and advocacy.



Julia Brandenberger

Julia Brandenberger


Division of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Department of Paediatrics, Inselspital, University Hospital Bern, Switzerland

Ruud Nijman

Ruud Nijman


Division of Medicine, Department of Paediatric Emergency Medicine, St. Mary’s Hospital – Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust, London, United Kingdom

Join Us with REACH in Making a Difference

Are you an Eastern European paediatrician or a double expert passionate about migrant health? We invite you to join our Participatory Steering Committee (PSP) and contribute to shaping the future of paediatric migrant health research and advocacy. Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved!

REACH puts emphasis on migrant participation in all its activities. It follows an open tent approach and invites interested migrants and/or migrant health workers to participate in its bimonthly online meetings and projects.

Please write to us at if you would like to participate.



Spring Meeting 2024 (PDF)

Porto, Portugal


Winter Meeting 2023 (Video)

Brussels, Belgium

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