European Academy of Paediatrics

In this section you can find  national and international guidelines gathered by our national delegates; links to particularly instructive websites (either in terms of accessing data about the spread of the disease, or where there is a particular (and scientific) focus on paediatric issues); and useful articles.

National Guidelines

External Websites

  • Don’t Forget the Bubbles This website, set up in 2013, describes itself as having a “world recognised leadership role in making meaning of information in paediatric medicine for clinicians.” It has a large team of researchers, and produces a number of high quality summaries with good data, well presented. It is regularly updated.
  • Penta is an Italian (Padua) based scientific group interested in child health research. It was founded in 2004, and is particularly interested in infectious diseases (originally HIV), but runs a number of international research projects.

    • Talking to children – A number of sites (UNICEF, US CDC and WHO) have put out specific advice sheets about children, many discussing how to approach and talk to children about COVID.

    • PIPSQK – The Paediatric International Patient Safety and Quality Community (PIPSQC) is an informal, international community of professionals who share a passion for patient safety and quality in paediatrics 

    • Tomas Pueyo – the Hammer and the Dance – preventing seeding and spreading

    Pandemic Data

    • The European Commission together with several partners launched a European COVID-19 Data Platform to enable the rapid collection and sharing of available research data. The platform, part of the ERAvsCorona Action Plan, marks another milestone in the EU’s efforts to support researchers in Europe and around the world in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.



    EAP & WHO Initiative

    • Breastfeeding during Covid-19 – The Covid-19 pandemic has created numerous challenges for paediatric health care, and for families with infants and children. One is the considerable uncertainty among many families regarding the safety of breastfeeding and the fear of transmitting Covid-19 while feeding the infant. Therefore, EAP has joined an initiative of the WHO Regional Office for Europe to develop the attached information leaflet that is meant to provide information and orientation.

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