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In 2021, world attention is on the roll out of an effective and safe COVID-19 vaccine. Yet, many Europeans remain hesitant about the vaccination, AND about vaccinating their children against other infectious diseases. Without a significant take up of vaccination (which slowed down during the pandemic), we know that children will continue to die from a preventable disease.

We have a responsibility to act.  That is why the EAP is launching its own campaign to foster vaccine confidence:


View the Campaign on Instagram here


“Vaccinate Your Child” Campaign

In order to promote vaccination uptake, we have created “Vaccinate Your Child” banners for every paediatric doctor working in Europe to post a photo of themselves on their social media channels. We encourage use of the hashtag #EAP4Vaccinations for better visibility. 

Download the banner and logo in your language here:

Waiting Room Slides


We have made some slides intended for display in waiting rooms. Don’t hesitate to send round to surgeries and clinics in your country.

Download the slides here:

 Talking About Vaccination

The UNICEF, WHO and EU guides are important guide on know more about vaccination and to help combat vaccine hesitancy. These are valuable resources to help health professionals and their patients:

They endorse the ‘Vaccinate Your Child’ campaign

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