An EAP-Duracell Partnership

Swallowing lithium coin batteries is life-threatening

#PowerSafely – An EAP-Duracell partnership

The European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP) and the battery manufacturer Duracell have launched a joint campaign to drive awareness of the dangers of swallowing coin batteries, in particular related to Lithium Coin batteries, for children. To help keep families safe, they are joining forces to “power safely”. Together, they are educating parents and caregivers about the dangers of swallowing lithium coin batteries – and how to prevent it.





#PowerSafely Campaign

We invite you to use the materials below as a part of the EAP-Duracell  #PowerSafely campaign.

#PowerSafely Social Media Campaign

We have created #PowerSafely banners for dissemination on social media. We encourage use of the hashtag #PowerSafely for better visibility.

Waiting Room Infographic

We have made an infographic intended for display in waiting rooms and offices. Don’t hesitate to send round to surgeries and clinics in your country.

Press Release

Read the EAP Press Release to drive awareness of the dangers of coin battery swallowing, in particular related to Lithium Coin batteries, for children

The #Powersafely campaign promotes


Raising awareness of the dangers of a child swallowing a button battery.


Preventive measures that can be taken to ensure your kids don’t swallow button batteries.


What to do if your child swallows a button battery.

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