UNICEF - EAP Vaccination Campaign


the EAP is partnering with UNICEF on a joint campaign to increase routine vaccination called ‘One Less Thing’.

The social media campaign will coincide with International Immunisation Week (24 -30 April 2022) and will last for four weeks. In order for the message to reach far and wide, we need your help.

We would like you to contribute by sharing the campaign materials on your social media channels.

Here are the steps you would need to take for the campaign:

  1. The idea is that you post the visuals on your channels along with the supporting text for the national societies (which you can translate into your own language with a free translator tool such as DeepL). Please note that some texts require adapting or adding of certain elements, such as, for instance, a weblink to your website with more information on routine vaccination. If you have no such link, you can of course omit it from the post.
  2. If you would prefer for the visuals to also be in your national language, we would ask you to translate the text from the English visual. You can open the blank visual in Paint or PowerPoint and then add the translated text via a textbox. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also send the translated text our way and we can send you the visual back with the translated text on it.
  3. The other Word file has texts that you can use with the same visuals on your own social media pages, hence why it’s worded from the viewpoint of a paediatrician. As with the national society texts, you may translate and adapt these into your own language.
  4. The campaign is scheduled to run for four weeks, so you would only have to post 2 visuals a week.


If you have any more questions on the campaign, please do not hesitate to reach out to LOW (arno.sterck@loweurope.eu)

Social Media Copy for National Assocations

Download the copy here (MS Word file):

Social Media Copy for Paediatricians

Download the copy here (MS Word file):

Blank Images

Download the images here (Zipped file):

Images with English Text

Download the images here (Zipped file):

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