Jose Ramet will always be remembered

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The EAP is deeply saddened to announce the death of Jose Ramet.

Jose joined EAP (then CESP) in 1993 and was voted President the same year. Based in Brussels he was hugely influential in integrating the various groups of paediatricians responsible for primary, secondary and tertiary care. He developed links with specialist groups, bringing them in to work together under the single organization, and was critical in developing the integrated and harmonious paediatric group we are now lucky to enjoy.

In 1999, he gave up his post to become secretary-general. He contributed to the further development of relations with the American Academy of Pediatrics and was in charge of promoting the AAP Prep Programme in Europe. Over the last few years he has been troubled by significant ill health, but has continued to provide support and encouragement to the society.

Jose was a respectful gentleman that was able to combine knowledge, elegance and spirit in a unique attitude.
EAP gala dinners were cheered by the sagacious and brilliant speeches which he gave to entertain the EAP members while presenting also the visions and the achievements of EAP mission.

We will greatly miss his calm, supportive presence, his enthusiasm and his wise advice. He has been a huge presence in EAP, despite his illness over the last few years, and our thoughts are with his friends and family at this very sad time

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