EAP at the UEMS Council Meeting In Brussels

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The latest UEMS council meeting took place in Brussels on April 12-13. Whilst hardly a riveting meeting, paediatrics were well represented there in a number of areas. Two further training programs (ETRs) were up for UEMS approval – Gastroenterology and Emergency Medicine – to add to the three that were agreed last year. With several more in the pipeline (such as neonatology, respiratory and renal) we will soon be over half way to having all our syllabi complete and up to date. We have already had some good feedback on the ETRs and we look forward to getting them finalised.

There is also the first meeting of the Multidisciplinary Joint Committee (MJC) in adolescent medicine. The response from other groups has been astonishing – over 30 people have expressed their interest, which is very exciting. Pierre-Andre Michaud has drafted outline objectives, and Karoly Illy, Artur Mazur and Helena Fonseca will help ensure that paediatrics has a very strong voice in the group. Other MJC activity includes the immune mediated diseases group where Tadel Avcin is joining as a paediatrician, and the infectious diseases MJC where Theoklis Zaoutis is joining. EAP is very happy to have more widespread representation on these groups.

Lastly we are expecting to finalise the protocol for centre visitation at the Spring Meeting in May. Details will follow in the next newsletter!

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