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May 19th 2018, Sofia

  1. Tom Stiris introduced the meeting
  2. The Agenda was accepted.
  3. Minutes from the Winter meeting were agreed. 

4. President’s report. Tom Stiris welcomed everyone and thanked them for their work. The new national delegates (Sweden, Slovenia, Malta, UK, Norway and Belgium) were welcomed to the EAP.

  1. EAP/EPA work. Whilst we continue to develop links, it is proving difficult. There was a lot of debate about how we might help move the discussions forward, but the response from EPA has been slow and has not followed the agreement made in November. We will continue to talk.
  2. Work on a paediatric exam is progressing (see minutes from EBP meeting).
  3. We have worked with LOW to increase visibility and increase contacts in policy makers in Brussels. Several statements have been published.
  4. The EAPS meeting will held in Paris in November 2018.
  5. Young EAP has established itself, and we would encourage all national societies to support a junior national delegate to join the EAP and attend meetings.

It was agreed to propose Jose Ramet for the newly created ‘Decoration of Honour’. TS will write to the UEMS.

5. Report of the Secretary-General. Adamos Hadjipanayis reviewed the activity of the society over the year. He reminded the meeting that there is an introductory presentation about the EAP available for new members.

  1. EAP statements. Several have been developed and all are available on the website.
  2. European Medicines Agency. The EAP is a member of EMA. Several members of the EAP have contributed the last years. The EAP have been invited to present the EAPRASnet network. EAP has also been invited to present its views on clinical trials in paediatrics.
  3. Membership statistics. Membership numbers remain fairly static. We would encourage discussion of any means by which we could increase this.
  4. The 2019 mastercourse. This will be in Porto in September 2019, focused on nutrition.
  5. The organisation of the meeting was discussed. The plenary sessions for the standing committees was felt to be useful. Smaller group meetings may be useful in parallel. Major decisions will still need to be brought to the General Assembly. Information from group activities should be sent through for inclusion in the newsletter.
  6. The posts of President, and chairs of the primary and secondary care group will require election in December. Proposals should be sent through to the EAP secretariat according to the statutes.

6. Financial report. Arunas Valiulis presented a financial review of both the UEMS account, and the EAP account. The bank accounts are both in a healthy position. Total balance in all accounts on the day of report is 434140.0 EUR. Annual financial report of EAP/UEMS-SP of 2017 was approved by Belgian tax authorities, EMA and EAP reviewers appointed by GA (ND of Germany, Poland and Ireland). Detail information of all financial operations 2017 has been published on the website of EAP a month ahead of the meeting. Income for the UEMS account is mostly depended on annual national contributions of 41 country members and EACCME funds. The EAP income is mostly from the income of the  EAPS conference and EAP MasterCourse. New contract with PCO for the organization of EAP SM / WM and educational events as well as secretariat service is needed. Contract with Paragon was terminated a few years ago and  it is authomaticaly renewed every year, but need to be improved and clarified in many points, including financial accountability, terms of payment, etc. New EAP expenditures including support for Young EAP (which needs to be cost shared with national societies) and for the establishment of EBP exams are planned.  Final decision on the company which will be appointed for the European examination will be taken after the EC reviews the two quotations (Orzone and CYIM).

7. Executive Director/Liasion Officer report. Stefano del Torso reviewed the activity of his team over this year. The EAP now has a number of important links within Brussels and Europe more widely. We are now well into a 1-2 year contract with Low Associates – a lobby group within Brussels. Early discussions with DG Sante took place to discuss the development of child-based measures of health across Europe. LOW is working with PARAGON and YEAP at the revamping of the website. EPHA  SdT ( by skype)  and Ann de Gutchenaere , Belgian delegate, have participated to several meetings  . EAP suggestions in order to include always references to children and adolescents have been added to several documents prepared by EPHA in collaboration with other stakeholders.  Social media and the EAP. Lenneke Schrier reviewed activity. The use of webinars, online meetings and targeted profiling within social media seems to have been very successful. Particular success with antimicrobial resistance, vaccine hesitancy, promotional of particular events (World Asthma Day) and training. This has generated interest from many important figures including the European Commissioner for Health in the EU.Work with the European Public Heath Association (EPHA) and other groups continues.

Presence at as many European meetings as possible would be of value.  It would be important to pre-discuss the EAP goal in those meetings.

8. Tertiary working Council report
Berthold Koletzko has been elected as the new chairman of the council. The election was ratified by the GA.

9. Any other business. Elizabeth Siderius reported of her presence at a Rare Diseases conference in Rome. There was a marked absence of paediatricians, which we should try to address.

Minutes agreed Minutes to be confirmed (‘draft’ removed) on website. Include council minutes Paragon 4/6/2018
These draft minutes need attendees added Add attendees and put on website as draft Paragon 3/6/2018
UEMS Decoration of Honour Letter to be written to UEMS to propose Jose Ramet Tom Stiris Done
Newsletters Reports and useful documents should be sent to Ana Neves for inclusion in our newsletters Group and committee chairs 18/6/2018
Elections December Candidatures to be received two months in advance and sent to Delegates one month in advance Paragon 6/11/2018

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