IMMUNION: Promoting vaccination Uptake across the EU.

EAP is a leading member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Immunion project which aims to increase the uptake of vaccines by European citizens.

The EAP is also leading the development of the SEKI education platform. The Immunion project, designed by the Coalition for Vaccination, aims to improve immunisation cooperation in the EU. The project will notably strengthen joint efforts amongst Coalition for Vaccination member associations to improve the uptake of vaccines by European citizens. Specific objectives of Immunion include improving the dissemination of validated vaccination training materials and resources to health professionals across Europe; strengthening the Coalition for Vaccination; increasing training opportunities for health professionals and students on vaccination communication; enhancing collaboration with media on vaccination; understanding drivers of vaccine inequalities within countries. The Immunion project is also supported by a Scientific Advisory Board which strengthens the project’s scientific excellence, policy impact, global input, and long-term sustainability. The Scientific Advisory Board includes representatives from the European Commission and will reach out on a regular basis to external advisors drawing from established connections of the Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative (ViVI) and the European Academy of Paediatrics (EAP). To effectively disseminate information on vaccination, the SEKI platform (developed and led by the ViVI and EAP) will be promoted as a central source for quality training and information materials on vaccination. SEKI will provide training courses near users’ homes as well as videos, podcasts and other teaching formats that facilitate continuing vaccine education ‘on the go’.

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Summary of Survey of Health Professionals Results

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